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YMCA: Joplin, MO



Built in 1921, the YMCA in Joplin, Missouri illustrates the organization’s architecture of the early 20th century. The location for the Joplin YMCA was selected in 1918 at the juncture of the downtown commercial district and the surrounding residential neighborhoods. A simple but stately brick building with Jacobean limestone accents, the Joplin YMCA served the community until 2017.

When the YMCA first opened, the top two floors housed men’s dormitories and there was a library and lounges with fireplaces in addition to gymnasium facilities. By the mid-twentieth century the YMCA’s mission shifted toward recreation. The dormitories closed in 1970. A major renovation in 1985 expanded athletic facilities into the upper floors, while retaining the hard wood floors, fireplaces, and other original materials.

The building was recently purchased by a group of local developers who will convert the building into apartments and office suites. The pool, some of the athletic courts, and other historic elements will be retained for the use of future residents.


Brad Finch

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